Yes, another year has flown by, and the latest Dynamics GP update has been released.  This one targets 2013 year-end rules as they stand today.  See the Microsoft Support Lifecycle for Dynamics GP to see what versions are supported and for how long.

Downloads here:

List of items included in this update includes:

  • Fixed Asset changes to Luxury Auto Depreciation
  • Payables form changes
    • 1099 Miscellaneous – Address information has moved up a line
    • 1099 Dividends and Distribution – Address information has moved up a line
    • 1099 Interest – Changed from a 3 per page format in 2012 to a 2 per page format in 2013, boxes same, but layout is way different
    • 1096 form changes – boxes on the bottom have realigned (same boxes just smaller)
  • Payroll EFW2 Electronic filing changes (magnetic media) **required install if you are filing electronically through Microsoft Dynamics GP**
  • Payroll compliance quality issues target to fix
    • Add Suffix to the Mag Media EFW2 file for 2013
    • Non-taxable/non-wage Business Expense pay code causes issues when 100% of gross wages of hourly is contributed to TSA 401K
    • Employee is over-paid when you reallocate all hours and vacation, sick or holiday pay are included in the pay run
    • After you install SP 2 for 2013, direct deposit print as voided checks no longer works
    • Deductions in Arrears transactions are not created for all deductions from a zero dollar check if a garnishment is included in the build
    • Arrears is not being posted on GP 2013 with zero dollar check

NO Payroll W2 nor W3 form changes at this time, but hold tight for the 2014 US Payroll Round 1 Tax Update due to release week of 12/16/2013.

Bottom line, this isn’t just a payroll year-end update.