I’ve had a few customers ask me whether the latest service pack for GP 2013 (GP 2013 SP2) is something to be bothered with if you’re not using the web client.  The answer is a resounding yes!  Take a look at the *new* feature list for the desktop clients only:

  • GL – Roll down changes to Account Segment Description
  • Reconcile checkbook without marking transactions
  • Cash Receipts Inquiry display checkbook ID
  • Customer Combiner & Modifier
  • Vendor Combiner & Modifier
  • Payables Void Enhancements
  • AA Finance Charge assessment
  • AA and Sales order deposits
  • Payroll Inquiry Check Date Sort Options
  • Applicant E-mail in HR
  • Doc Attach 2.0:
    • Document Flow
    • Status Tracking
    • Delete Password
    • Attachment Properties
    • Attachment Email
  • Delete Utility
  • SmartList Splitter
  • SmartList Designer

Quite a list!  I’m leaving out a lot of developer and web client functionality and just showing what’s new in the desktop client.  The Smartlist Designer alone makes GP 2013 SP2 worth a look.  Download links here:


Product Release Downloads for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013

Service Pack, Hotfix, and Compliance Update Patch Releases for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013