For ages I’ve kept a pet script at the ready for those times when I would restore a test company from live GP companies.  It was a cinch, I would restore a backup from live then run my script that would cycle through the tables and update the fields that “remembered”  they came from the live company.  The times, they are a-changing.

It’s a new world now with Microsoft Dynamics GP® 2013, though.  Now a new table (SY00100) stores the system database name, a database that for the first time *could* be a database other than the DYNAMICS database.  If you run your old script you’ll get a message like this:

Restore Error


Ah, but no worries, the good folks from Microsoft have a knowledge base article that updates the now outdated aforementioned script.  This one will look for the existence of the SY00100 table and use it as needed to make it work for GP 2013, but will gracefully work for older versions of GP if you use this one on an older environment.  Nice!